In keeping the rich heritage of old world tile alive in the 21st century, our Old World Roof Tiles are still individually crafted by skilled artisans, just like they were over a century ago. The same firing process and strict quality control are employed to insure the unique color blending that gives our roof tile it’s refined, authentic appearance. Old World Roof Tile is the perfect roofing material to complement your upscale architectural project. With custom blends of two or more colors, the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Dimensions: 18” X 8”
Pieces per Square: 220
Weight per Piece: 4.75 lbs

The Natural blending of colors created in the firing of our roof tiles cannot be duplicated with any other process. The unique color palette enhances any roofscape, finishing it with a dramatic opulent and sophisticated character.

Old World Roof Tile will give your project its own exclusive identity and an authentic Old World look.

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